your textile trader for stick and finishing


We support you from the prototype to delivery.

Despite the many standard products that are now available on the European market, the range on offer is often insufficient to meet the requirements for a product. There can be a variety of reasons for this.

  •   A special color is required
  •   A special cut or design is preferred
  •   Customized labeling or branding
  •   Textilfinishing

We accompany you from the prototype to delivery and ensure that your requirements are implemented. We will keep you up to date during the entire production time. This also includes samples for assessment and production approval.


What we need for a tailor-made offer:

Model description
Briefly describe your idea of ​​your product.

How should it be packed? (e.g. individually in a polybag, with barcode sticker, 50 pieces in a box)

Number of pieces
What is the number of peces per color? (e.g. 2,000 pieces in color XY)

What sizes are planned? Is there already a division of quantities per size?

Delivery time
Within what time or by when is delivery expected?

Do you value certifications, and if so, which ones?